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Mold Remediation

Mold in the home is typically the result of a water leak or past water damage.  It’s most common in areas that are high in moisture. If you’ve had water damage, you are operating within a very short window to prevent future problems with mold. Mold takes only 24-48 hours to begin forming, so it’s important to act quickly to protect yourself against unnecessary costs down the line. When you call Mold Remediation Companies Los Angeles, we’ll perform the following mold remediation services:


Mold Testing

Testing - From the moment we arrive in the home, your safety is our top priority. We’ll perform our initial inspection and take samples to determine the type of mold we’ve discovered. Our Mold Removal Los Angeles company focus on determining the location and extent of the damage so that we can offer you the most accurate quotes to fix theanti-microbials around the former mold site. We also employ additional tools to neutralize any residual odors.


Isolation - Once the mold has been located and your belongings have been quarantined, our next step is to isolate the mold. It’s important to avoid disturbing the mold because it can release dangerous toxins and spores into the air of your home, which are typically hazardous to your health. We prioritize protecting the occupants of your home or apartment building.

mold removal

Removal and Disposal - The removal of mold is perhaps the most important step in tackling the problem. There are various tactics we can employ, including wire brushing, wet wiping, sanding, and dry-ice blasting. We’ll evaluate the mold growth and species to determine the safest method of removal. The removed mold is considered hazardous waste, and we’ll take the necessary steps to dispose of it.


Decontamination and Odor Control - After the area has been secured, we’ll make sure your flooring and furniture has been treated to prevent mold regrowth. We use non-toxic environmentally friendly anti-microbials around the former mold site. We also employ additional tools to neutralize any residual odors.

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When we perform mold services, we stand by our work. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to locate and eliminate the problem. If you believe you may have mold, or if you’ve recently suffered water damage and want to ensure you’re protected, call us today!

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