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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most devastating types of damage that property owners ever face.  In addition to the immediate property damage, the effects of flooding often linger causing mold growth, that if left untreated, has harmful repercussions on the structure of your home.  Our priority is to extract all water immediately, dry all wet surfaces, and make sure that no mold has grown where the damage occurred. At Flood Rangers, we know water damage. Our Water Damage Los Angeles Ca full-service offerings range from professional water extraction, sewer backup treatment, storm damage cleanup, pack outs, water damage restoration and large scale drying services. When you act quickly and bring in professionals, you can reduce your potential liability and damage substantially!

Here’s how Flood Rangers can help you:


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Water Extraction - If you’ve discovered a significant leak or suffered a flood, you’ll need professional Water Damage Restoration Los Angeles services. Many homeowners think that water will evaporate after a certain period of time, but in actuality, water will seep into the building materials of your home, causing further damage. If you’ve got too much water to handle alone, call the Flood Rangers!


Drying Services - Unlike other companies, Flood Rangers doesn’t just treat the symptoms, we get to the heart of the problem. When you’ve got water damage, we’ll dry not only the contents of your home, but the entire structure. Our state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment helps us dry even the most difficult areas like flooring and walls. Our Water Damage Long Beach Ca specialized air movers which allow us to concentrate the water to specific locations and our industrial grade dehumidifiers control the environment stopping the spread of moisture. This attention to detail helps reduce your risk of developing mold after you’ve suffered an accident. If you’ve discovered mold, or you suspect it may be present in your home, click here to read more about our mold remediation services.


Storm Damage Cleanup - Storm damage includes everything from wind damage and water damage to outdoor clean-up. Flood Rangers is fully licensed and bonded to handle all your recovery needs, even if they include major reconstruction. Don’t risk your health by trying to handle the job alone. We provide quality, dependable service and our expert technicians can prevent further damage to your home.


Pack Outs - In certain cases, after you’ve experienced significant damage, the best thing for your furniture and belongings is to move them to a secondary location. Although you may be tempted to hire a moving company to complete your pack-out, when you work with Flood Rangers, you’re getting the benefit of our experience. We know how to handle and store items that have sustained water damage. We’re able to properly dry your belongs to help stop the damage from spreading.


Sewer Backup Treatment - When you have a sewer backup, it’s not only alarming, it’s also dangerous. Sewer water is considered a Category 3 substance, which means that it contains harmful viruses and bacteria, which can be particularly dangerous to children, the elderly, and family pets. Sewer backup typically originates from three problems: tree roots, clogging, and damaged sewer lines. Our trained experts will locate the source of the backup and respond with the tools we need to remove the sewer and water.

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When we perform Water Damage services, we stand by our work. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to locate and eliminate the problem. If you believe you may have water damage, or if you’ve recently suffered flood or leaks and want to ensure you’re protected, call us today!

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